Corrections at NYSE Diversified Communication Services Industry: (VG, MMI, CCI, AMT)

Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) dropped by 0.54% and closed at $3.71 whereas overall traded volume stood at 3.24 million shares for the day. The current market price is 15.71% less than its last 50 days simple moving average. The share price is at its oversold level with relative strength index of 29.65 times.

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc (NYSE:MMI) moved down by 2.82% to close at $21.34 with total traded volume of 3.57 million shares in the last trading day as compare to its average volume stood at 3.71 million. Its price to earnings ratio stands at 142.27 times till its last trading session.

Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE:CCI) closed at $42.03 after plunging by 3.80% whereas traded volume stood at 2.75 million shares for the day. Its outstanding shares stood at 290.43 million. CCI’s total market capitalization arrived at $12.21 billion.

American Tower Corporation (NYSE:AMT) witnessed the correction of 3.81% to close at $50.50 with overall traded volume of 4.23 million shares in the last trading day. The company stands in profit with the profit margin of 17.63%. The company is in highly profitability with ROE of 10.60%.





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